• Roasters

     Villamar is currently the home of two roasters.


    Our 5 kg Has Garanti roaster is being used for small customer specific  and special roasting experiences within the eatery, and our new addition 15 kg Genio roaster, an  automatic machine with roasting profile programming to develop the full potential of coffee to ensure quality and consistency.

  • Coffee Methods

    Coffee can be brewed differently. We love to teach and demonstrate these various methods. At our restaurant we give people the opportunity to watch us brewing with a Syphon, Chemex, Espresso, Bialetti, Pour Over, Nanopress and an Aeropress. 

  • Coffee Origins & Blends

    Single origins:

    Brazil, Colombia, Decaf Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda 


    Roast Master: Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia

    The Villa Platino: Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia 

    The Villa Africa: Tanzania, Ethiopia

    Barista Platino: Kenya, Guatemala, Ethiopia

    Organic: Honduras

  • Tastings

    It started with a tree, into a berry, then a bag, through a roaster, ended up in a delightful cup.


    If that tickles your interest, book a tasting!

    only R60