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Welcome to Villamar Foods

Villamar Foods is  made up of a culinary team, working by innovating and creating a new way of bring restaurant quality foods, freshly roasted coffee, treats, olive oil and cakes to your doorstep.

Our team focus on  creating products easily for home heating, preparation or ready to eat foods.  Treats, cakes, ice - cream, breads, coffee and meals are all freshly prepared to order and delivered to your doorstep for your convenience.

 We are situated on the Oudebrug Farm, nestled between the olive trees from which our extra virgin olive oil is produced. Our facility are fully equipped with a modern kitchen for our meal preparations. A bakery for all our different breads and a pastry kitchen for all the delicate cakes, treats and desserts. Finally, our roastery which host our 15 kg Genio coffee roaster.

We are open to public for the collection  of your order. If you choose to collect yourself have a chat to our team for your special culinary need. Also while you are collected or visiting grab yourself a quick sandwich, pastry or coffee from our coffee bar situated within our facility.

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Image by Mike Kenneally
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